Preparing to become Orthodox?

If you are interested in the Orthodox Christian faith and would like to learn more, please contact Father Vasilije at

How Do I become an Orthodox Christian?

Becoming Orthodox is an intimate process that involves commitment and engagement. If you are preparing to become Orthodox, either by baptism or chrismation, we invite you to attend church services (especially Divine Liturgy), religious education classes, seminars, and other social events organized by our parish or other Orthodox parishes.

We offer religion classes on Saturdays following the Vespers service.

If this time does not work for you, please contact our church office to arrange a private meeting with Fr. Vasilije.

We also recommend the following readings:

  •  The Orthodox Study Bible
  •  Fr. Athony Coniaris: Introducing the Orthodox Church
  •  Clark Carlton, The Faith: An Orthodox Catechism
  •  Clark Carlton, The Way or The Truth
  •  Kallistos Ware, The Orthodox Way
  •  The Way of a Pilgrim